“its time to go” or “hear my heart break”

the threads keep you believing in

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24 years ago……

Twenty three hours later I looked and felt like a war victim but there he was. In my arms. My first true love. Contrary to my labor, motherhood was easy and the little crab and I thrived together.
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Soul Stripping

When you remove the walls and deconstruct the barriers. When you loosen the binding straps of conditioning. When you release yourself from expectation, your own or others. When you no longer are directed by perception. When all the hurt,suffering & pain, real or imaginary is removed. Then the essence of you can be true. Soul … More Soul Stripping

Me, a year later

And so it begins Blogging 101 – I do like the challenge I started blogging last June and I really enjoyed it until life got in the way This year I am going to make sure that nothing gets in the way and I complete all the tasks Last year I wrote a blog about … More Me, a year later