lovers dance

Its only at night or so it seems

my fear takes flight as you visit my dreams

We dance the dance of lovers true

We take a chance and start anew

Laughing and living by the light of the moon

With sad misgivings dawn comes to soon


The Good Stuff

Feeling alive, vital, there

Discovering a koala bear

Racing with hounds on a mighty steed

The innocence and splendor of gracious deed

Trusting intuition, becoming wise

Starry night sky’s or a new sunrise

The crashing waves of a ocean blue

The soaring path that the eagle flew

Tapping into nature long bush walk

Stimulating advantageous talk

Warm afterglow of tender dreams

Bubbling brooks, running streams

Fields of hay, old stone dairy’s

Magical, mystical, unicorns and fairy’s

Needing your clues

She dances on dark stage

not wanting the light

She reads every page

never learning to write

The answers she knows

although the questions unheard

Still she walks alone

in the midst of her herd

He escapes the cage

yet not thinks to flee

He no longer feels rage

although struggles with free

Whilst holding her tight

with empty arms

Still he’s needing to fight

in the midst of the calm

With bonds broken

heart-strings tear

Why does he continue to care?

Bells sound the alarm

he lives with growing dread

As she means no harm

still madness in her head

To know all of me

Better than I know you

To find the keys

without needing your clues


She knows she knows the way

The rhythm in her head

the panoramic beauty she spies

She knows not where she’s going

yet she knows she knows the way

The beating drum of life

the shimmering way of energy

Her Body Her temple

home to her soul

Her memories bring her faith

she’s been here before

has knowledge of survival

The power The glory

true essence at the core

New branches sprout blossom

source closer than before

As the music soothes and comforts

The words uplift and inspire

She knows not where she’s going

yet she know she knows the way