Ghost Gum Reflections

I took my dog for a walk last night. A huge white full moon hung in the sky. Fleetingly glimpsed from behind dark clouds. Moonlight reflecting off the ghost gums lighting our way. It was so cold. My breath gave my photos a ghostly appeal


Pop, Turquoise & Snake meditation


I went to visit a friend in North Queensland. I commented on the amazing snake ornament adorning the bed head. The snakes tail enclosing a large Turquoise crystal. “Are you sure it’s not real, its eyes look so lifelike”I asked. My mate laughed and said “No way, its been there since I arrived, I slept in the bed with it above my head” I walked over, touched it and jumped a mile. An unwanted intrusion on a snake’s crystal meditation.


Photo101 day 11 play with color