24 years ago……

11665432_1136722866343632_7736139677949673244_nI was nineteen hours into labor and four hours away from meeting my first child. A baby having babies. My son was born 2:10am four days after I turned seventeen. I had read all the books and studied up on pregnancy and birth but nothing had prepared me for this. Contractions started three minutes apart and stayed that way. It was 3 am when I woke in agony, then attempted to go back to sleep only to be woken again. It was 4 am when Andrew, my then partner, attempted to tell me I was in labor. An hour later I finally conceded that maybe he was right. Our midwife (one of the most amazing woman I have ever met) informed us that baby was head down but facing the wrong way and so it begun.

Twenty three hours later I looked and felt like a war victim but there he was. In my arms. My first true love.


Being a mother is one of the most amazing experiences, being a teenage mother is I guess a different amazing experience. In some ways I think it’s easier to have a child when you are young. I  had never worked and the last time I had a structured routine life was five years earlier. So bubs led and I followed. We ate together, slept together & played together regardless of what the time was. Contrary to my labor, motherhood was easy and the little crab and I thrived together.

On our first birthday I wrote this poem

The delicious sweet baby boy
The gurgling laugh for bright new toy
maternal instinct, unconditional love
a miraculous gift from above
the tender touch absolve new tears
rekindling confidence, rejecting fears
silken soft unblemished skin
perfect souls not yet in sin
the magic of those deep blue eyes
so young and clear yet so wise
1000 lessons in each new day
greater understandings in a greater way
the precious son and eager young mother
the wonders of nature the miracle of life
avoidance of danger, deliverance from strife
the tentative first steps come to soon
brought with the energy of cancer moon
talking then leaping and humming along
the lyrical words turn to meaningful song
she begins to dread that fateful day
as babyness is fading away
the invisible bond that holds them together
will remain for ever and ever

And now I have been a mother for twenty four years .

To Be Continued….


The Mistborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson

1 The Final Empire               2 The Well Of Ascension            3 The Hero Of The Ages

If you love a great epic fantasy then you are going to love this. I could not put it down. It is a gripping trilogy filled with explosive action, adventure & complex characters.

From the first page you are drawn into the world where for a thousand years the ash has fallen. A world where mists rule the night. A world ruled by the evil Lord Ruler.

New York Times Bestselling and David Gemmell Award-winning author Brandon Sanderson explains how he came up with the plot:

I came into this book with two big ideas for the plot. The first was that of a heist story, like Sneakers or Ocean’s Eleven involving a gang of gentlemen thieves who each had a distinctive magic power. I wanted to tell the story of how their different magics and abilities worked together for them to pull an incredible caper.

The second idea was to write a story about a world where the good guys lost. I wanted to take the standard fantasy story I’d read a dozen times, that of a young peasant hero who went on a quest to defeat a Dark Lord, and turn it on its head. What if the Dark Lord won? What if, in the final climactic moments, he killed the hero and took over the world

The Cinescape magazine said “Author of the critically acclaimed instant fantasy classic Elantris (2005), Brandon Sanderson returns with the first novel of his new Mistborn Series. After 1,000 years of oppression the memory of hope has all but faded in a mist-haunted, dust-ridden world where powerful Great Houses rule the serf-like Skaa with a cruel, bourgeois hand. In one of the Lord Ruler’s hellish prisons, however, Kelsier discovers he is one of the Mistborn, a select group of individuals with impressive, metallurgic powers. Together with a band of elite, cutthroat criminals Kel wrenches his way upwards to stage a coup of unprecedented proportions, but are his powers alone enough to topple the immortal dictator known as the “Sliver of Infinity”?

And Robin Hobb states “Mistborn utilizes a well thought out system of magic. It also has a great cast of believable characters, a plausible world, an intriguing political system, and despite being the first book of The Final Empire, a very satisfying ending. In short, it’s one of those great kettle books, in which the author has thrown not merely a bone of an idea and a few potatoes of originality, but half a cow and everything in the garden. And then added seasonings. Highly recommended to anyone hungry for a good read.”

 Mistborn is a spectacular saga with wonderful characters who ask questions of hope, trust and loyalty.

A magical journey with an astonishing ending. A journey that I highly recommend embarking on.


Soul Stripping

When you remove the walls and deconstruct the barriers. When you loosen the binding straps of conditioning. When you release yourself from expectation, your own or others. When you no longer are directed by perception. When all the hurt,suffering & pain, real or imaginary is removed. Then the essence of you can be true. Soul Stripping.

Pop, Turquoise & Snake meditation


I went to visit a friend in North Queensland. I commented on the amazing snake ornament adorning the bed head. The snakes tail enclosing a large Turquoise crystal. “Are you sure it’s not real, its eyes look so lifelike”I asked. My mate laughed and said “No way, its been there since I arrived, I slept in the bed with it above my head” I walked over, touched it and jumped a mile. An unwanted intrusion on a snake’s crystal meditation.


Photo101 day 11 play with color