“its time to go” or “hear my heart break”

What happens when you love somebody with all of your heart?

When it lifts you higher and holds you tight?


is in their arms

cherish, treasured, safe and adored


at the same time

he is secretive, dishonest, manipulative

and fucked up


you promised yourself you would not do this



get out of my house

you are a very good mimic

taking my words and twisting them around


your voice annoys the utter shit out of me

empty vessel, waste of space

get out of my house

and then you come up behind me

and hold me up

i lean into your body and i become softness

you whisper in my ears “i got you”

and i feel it

i feel like for the first time in a long time someone got me

understood the many complexities of me and

didn’t run away

and didn’t flinch or turn a blind eye

wasnt just interested in sex, my body, my status

the first time in a long time i was understood

and still adored

and then he takes drugs

and he forgets who i am

forgets how I feel

forgets to get me

and “I got you” means nothing

and you just know that you should never sleep in each others arms


you know that at night while you sleep,

whilst he holds you tight

your souls are laughing and dancing

and invisible threads entwine you

and when you should be turning away and locking the doors

hardening your heart

closing your arms

saying no more

get out of my house

the threads keep you believing in

I got you moments











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