S.C.A.T. Stop Child Abuse Australia Team


Tomorrow morning I am participating in the S.C.A.T (Stop Child Abuse Team) protest march. We are walking for awareness, to protect all Australian children, to support survivors of child abuse and to remember the children that the Families SA system failed, the children who have died.

The fact that in this modern age thousands of Australian children are still suffering abuse is nothing less than horrific. On August the fourth the royal commission into South Australia’s child protection system delivered its final report to the South Australian Government. Supreme Court Justice Margaret Nyland led a two year inquiry into the states treatment of young people in its care.

http://www.news.com SA abuse inquiry delivers final report stated that:

“Many children in state care have been abused and neglected not only by their families but by the system that was supposed to protect them. It is time for that to change,” Ms Nyland said in a statement on Friday.
“It is time for all of us to work together to give all our children the life they deserve.”
Ms Nyland said some of her recommendations to the government should be actioned quickly to protect kids at risk of harm, while others would require longer-term planning.

Junction Australia chief executive Graham Brown said whatever the findings of the commission, the whole child protection sector must embrace change.
“It is not realistic to expect the state government to fix everything. We will all have to work together as a sector to fix the problems and get the system right,” the leader of the Adelaide-based child services provider said.
“We owe that much to the most vulnerable members of our community who rely on us, our children.” much to the most vulnerable members of our community who rely on us, our children.”

There have been calls for SA premier Jay Wetherill to resign and many Families SA workers have been sacked. The government must be held accountable.

So tomorrow we march to the steps of Parliament House to show the survivors of abuse that we do in fact care and to let our government know that we will not stand by and allow Australian children’s lives to be lost.

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