Great Expectations Or Not

 New years resolutions? How to set yourself up for failure.

A couple of days before the end of the year the inevitable question starts being asked.

The magazine cover’s are full off  “How to make a better New Years resolution” or “3 New years resolutions to make a better you” and everybody wants to know what goals you are setting.

Now call me lazy and maybe I am but I am not a believer in New Years resolutions.

I believe in not setting myself up for failure, thank you very much.

My experience is life, in general, often disappoints. People, let you down, your job, it lets you down, your friends, well they let you down too. So I have become a great believer in Never Ever letting myself down.

If I am going to achieve anything then I will do it now. I will not create a list of things to meet in the New Year and then let myself down by not completing them. Please correct me if I am wrong but the majority of New Years resolutions are not realized. These are the usual “Quit Smoking, Drink less, Exercise more or Lose weight, Eat better, Start a sport” type of resolutions. Occasionally I hear of someone AWESOME who has made it their goal to save and travel and actually do travel. More often than not I hear the same resolutions coming from the same people year after year.

About three years ago I decided maybe I was being a cynical biatch and I should become more of a Happy New Year Happy New Year Resolution type[with a twist}. So instead of my usual “I don’t do resolution” response I came up with the “five year New Years Resolution time frame”. I told you there was a twist.

I have always loved the beach, the ocean and things like motor bikes and horse ridding so I decided I was going to learn how to surf. A worthy resolution. And something I still have not done {two years left}. This has of course reinforced my belief

I don’t do New Years Eve Resolutions or Great Expectations

I will not let myself down.

surfingsurfers--hawaii-surfing-yhkc0a0k to these guys for the picture

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2 thoughts on “Great Expectations Or Not

  1. I also do not do “New Year’s resolutions”. But what I found effective is visualizing your goal. I have this dream board at home where I paste images of my goals. Every morning, when I wake up, I would see those images (car, house, money – to tell myself to save more, etc.) and be reminded that I need to be better to achieve all of them. For example, if your goal is to quit smoking, then I would suggest you visualize it by, instead of writing it and posting it, look for an image of the effect of smoking like images of person with lung cancer, disabilities caused by smoking and etc. Just my two cents worth. God bless on learning how to surf. I also want to learn that.


  2. I love the New Year holiday, more as a symbolic promise of starting over, which I did at 29, when I got sober (16 years ago). I admit, I love the idea of the New Year’s resolution, but I don’t make them either. I think I had the resolution “floss my teeth more often” for three years before I admitted it wasn’t gonna happen.
    Good luck with the surfing!


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