The Activist inside Me


I have always had opinions on political situations. Coming from a place like South Africa its hard not to.

I have however never acted on them, that is until now. In Australia we consider our country to be the “lucky one”I wrote about this on my 28th anniversary of being a “lucky” resident and I am going to re-post it here:

“Australia has been my home for  28 years today! I am grateful. I am blessed. Because even though our government is not lawful, our justice system is crooked, our police are corrupt, even though we have a hole in the ozone layer, we have less change at the supermarket, $20 petrol gets you to town for one day instead of to work for a week and water and electricity prices soar I am grateful I am blessed. This is the lucky country. I have electricity, when the sun sets I can still see, that expensive water?it flows hot and strong from my tap, I can go to a supermarket, variety. what choices, when I go outside I can see blue sky and breathe fresh air, I can walk down the road, I don’t need an oxygen mask, I don’t need to run and hide, there are no bombs falling from the sky and I will not be shot today, I am grateful I am blessed No wars, No famine, No extreme violence or poverty or pollution. This is Australia .I am Australian. 28 years ago today I arrived in this lucky country and yes the budget sucks but i think we all must agree as Australians we are blessed and I am grateful”


Now I am still grateful & I am still blessed but and it’s a big BUT I am no longer prepared to blissfully turn a blind eye to what is happening in this lucky country of ours. Australians are known the world over for there laid back easy-going attitudes. The problem with this is our laid back easy-going attitudes are no longer working for us. We are so laid back and easy-going that we are not seeing what is happening to our lucky country right before our Eyes. In order for Australia to continue to be the Lucky Country, Australians must wake up. We must insist on keeping our Lucky Country way of life. We must stand tall and unite.

We must insist on maintaining our rights. So its off to protest I go.

 The repatriation Hospital is the only hospital in South Australia that takes care of our vets and no I don’t mean the animal caring sort I mean Our Veterans. Our Veterans who fought for all of us. Our Veterans who gave us this Lucky Country we so blissfully reside in.


The SA Government wants to close this hospital down. Not Good Enough. So it’s of to protest I go

IMG_20150609_121256      IMG_20150609_121208  


Your thoughts

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