Me, a year later


And so it begins

Blogging 101 – I do like the challenge

I started blogging last June and I really enjoyed it until life got in the way

This year I am going to make sure that nothing gets in the way and I complete all the tasks

Last year I wrote a blog about who I am, interested? You can read it here
Now 365 days later I write another blog about who i am

365 days, an eternity to a some

a heartbeat, a click of the finger, a blink of an eye

I am glad to say that there have been changes for without change there is no growth

I am nearly 41

I am becoming a political activist

I am joining like-minded people who share my dreams & goals

I am Australian

I read, I laugh, I write, I play

I dream, I try, I shy away

I grow, I learn, I hope, I pray

content to welcome each new day


3 thoughts on “Me, a year later

  1. Just dropped by to thank you for your “Like”-ing (and following) Walking the Cat. I enjoyed your posts — “Me, a year later” & “The Activist Inside Me” — very much. This post concluded with a poetic spin. You should probably write more poetry; seems to suit you. Yes, I’m a critic as well as all the other things I pretend to be, snuggled as I am “in the universe of my own reality”. By the way, you’re the first (and only) person to comment on that particular phrasing. Thank you. Keep writing and don’t concern yourself if life “gets in the way”; always does and always will. Use it and the accompanying “angst and abrasiveness” to fuel your poetry!. I’ll be stopping by from time to time. Thanks, again. -S-


  2. Lovely post. I like the way you write! Like Hemmingway if you remove the abrasiveness and angst. Your word selection is nice and lyrical ! I think I can learn something from you because I am waaaay too verbose. Like this comment. Lol!

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