A Character-Building Experience

The first thing I noticed about him was the gun. Casually resting on his broad lap.

“Do we have to have that right there” I said

“What this?’ He gave the gun a reassuring pat

“Its OK, I’m not going to use it’ his smile lit up his face

“Well get rid of it” I snapped

Another smile as he put the gun away.

He was tall, very tall, and very well-built.

It was obvious he looked after his body as his muscles rippled under the tight white T-shirt. Blue jeans sat snugly on his hips and I couldn’t help but glance more than once at his sexy physique.

There was a presence about him. It wasn’t just his booming voice or his contagious chuckle that drew people to him. There was something else. Something more.

A wide sweet mouth, with a ready smile

Big strong hands, a gentle giant

Crystal blue eyes, like a blue sky on a blue day, epitomizes windows to his soul.

Eyes that never wavered, never left mine.

We talked, deeply, honestly, candidly. We talked from the heart

About life, love, justice about God, death and the meaning of the “White Light’

Sometimes we talked calmly, other times we raised our voices and spoke over each other, interrupting, debating, “will you let me finish?” “no”

We talked about jail, Robin Hood, lawyers & the legal system

About our children, how much easier they where when helpless babes in our arms

We talked about being wanted,  about the police and fleeing to Western Australia

About the Nullarbor, Esperence and  Desert sky filled with stars

For the first time in a long time I felt like someone actually understood me.

For the first time in a long time, someone was listening to my words

The next morning we said our goodbyes

He wrapped me up in a big bear hug, as I rested my head his heart beating strong in my ear I said “don’t lose your head and you wont lose your head”

“I wont, I promise”

Four days later he was dead

RIP Rodney Clavell


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