who am I


All the guides say it’s a good idea for your first post on you first blog to be about yourself  “describe a bit about yourself and why you are here” so I started to think about WHO I AM and this is what I came up with

I am a Mother I am a Child
a Dreamer, Reader, Writer
I am a Lover without a Partner
I am an Addict and a Dancer
A closed book, an open window
An opinionated, unconventional woman
I am highly intelligent, I am uneducated
I am passionate, I am compassionate
Sometimes I am a good listener, a great friend
I empathize and give sound advise
Sometimes I am rude, abrupt, abrasive
I am pushy, loud, bossy
I Feel my emotions and wear my heart on my sleeve
I am spiritual I am a healer I am in touch with angels
I am A. D. D
This year I turn 40 and I have had a sea change
For the first time in my life I live alone
For the first time in my life I write a blog



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