Writing 101 Day 4- OMNIPRESENT part 1

Omnipresent, She had always loved that word.
Loved it long before the dictionary meaning had been read. Loved it the first time she heard it. Loved it long before she understood it and she only understood it once she experienced it herself.

The white light had not surprised her for Erika had been brought up in a good Christian Home with years of Sunday School and later Sunday Services. She only hesitated for a moment, glancing one last time at her loved ones.

Her young sons, Richard, staring straight a head with a single tear sliding down his pink cheek and the weight of the world on his seven-year old shoulders. Eugene, openly sobbing as he rested his head in his hands. Baby Donald, not understanding what all the fuss was about, more intent in pushing his matchbox fire engine up and down the prayer books & bible. Her dear husband strong and handsome the sunshine lightning the silver streaks in his greying hair, supported on each side by her identical twin Sisters. Erika cast her eyes over the packed church noting friends,family, work colleagues, even the parents of her children’s school friends.

She only hesitated for a moment before stepping in to the beam of white light. A ray of warmth, radiating peace, grace & harmony wrapped up in a cover of unconditional love.

Writing 101, Day Four: The Serial Killer-Part One


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