Writing 101 Day 1

Well I reckon I have about 20 minutes to finish this which is perfect really because I have to write for twenty minutes. I have always been a last-minute type of girl. I remember frustrating my teachers at high school. They would issue us with a “major” assignment to be done over a 6 week time frame. I would muck around and do anything but the required work. The day before it was due I would be berated, humiliated and put on show with a teacher informing me how useless I was and that I was going to fail. I would then go home, stay up late, work hard and hand in brilliant assignment just in time. i have been like this for as long as I can remember. I buy ingredients five minutes before i cook. I get a book right before i read it. Fancy dress party or special occasion?I decide on an outfit the day of the event. Birthday cards or presents? purchased on the way. I realize I need an umbrella or rain coat when it is raining. I notice my tires are bald when I have  a puncture. I remember to water the plants when I walk past the dead twig in the brass pot. The good side to all of this is I never worry endlessly about the future like so many people I know. I don’t lie awake at night planning/stressing or negative gearing. My life is relaxed I can act on a whim, I can respond to an emotion and not necessarily my own. I can react rather than distract. Sure I fly by my pants but living with ADD has its bonuses and I can easily complete this without having to reread or edit my first Day 1 20 minute assignment



3 thoughts on “Writing 101 Day 1

  1. Some of this is familiar to me, even though I consider myself to work very well under pressure, when I take the time to create something, I have to say it is much better. Thanks so much for following my blog!


  2. harder than it sounds, i have had pc problems so skipped days 2&3,only just posted day 4 and now to respond to u. Thank u so much for commenting, I have never done this before and its great to get feedback, it also lets me know that I have done correctly and my posts are being seen lol


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